Science of -Ve Ions(Audio File)

Science of -Ve Ions(Audio File)

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Science of -Ve Ions(Audio File)

Science of Negative Ions
The Science Seminar will focus & deep dive into details on the benefits of negative ions for our health, right to the electron level by Sunny Wu, Area General Manger.

Sunny Wu AGM’s Profile
Sunny comes from a family with 8 western doctors & a chinese physician and have been sharing her expertise in Singapore for almost past 2 years. Despite coming from a family of doctors, they were unable to help her condition and she had to live a life of pills until she was introduced to these negative ions clothings.

Since then her family of doctors was convinced of the benefits of negative ions and helped many others to improve their health & quality of life.

She is Nefful’s main speaker on the Science of Negative Ions seminar in English.

In this audio MP3 file, She was also sharing some of her experiences and testimonials on how using Teviron have transformed hers & her family’s lives. Transformation both from the health and passive income aspect.

 Total file size is 67.2 MB and recorded in 1:57mins.

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Science of -Ve Ions(Audio File)
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