The Four Main Features of Cutting-edge Technology Nefful Teviron Clothing

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What are the characteristics of Nefful's Teviron clothing? Where is the manufacturer? Watch the following video (Mandarin) so that you will know more about the amazing quality of the high tech Nefful Teviron clothing.


Four Amazing characteristics  of Teviron Technology

1. Negative Ions (Anions) technology (Healthy) - always carry a negative charge when in contact with any materials
a. Purifies the blood, regulates the pH balance and stimulates circulation.
b. Rejuvenates the cells and stimulates cell metabolism.
c. Enhances the body immune system, so you do not get sick or catch cold easily.
d. Regulates the autonomic nerves, enhancing your health.

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2. Superior Heat Insulation (Warmth)
Teviron Fabric is designed to be human body temperature and keeps body temperature constant, offering outstanding insulation. 
One layer of Teviron provides the warmth of 2 layers of wool or 3 layers of cotton.It is ideal for mountain climbers and whose who live in cold areas. It is also desirable for ladies and girls who don't want to wear too much to sacrifice their body beauties.


3. Superior Water Permeability (Comfort)
Moisture is whisked away from the skin and rapidly evaporates, leaving you dry and comfortable. 
Other fabrics that absorb moisture leave you feeling wet, sticky and icy cold, causing blood vessels to constrict, restricting the nutrients and oxygen sent to the cells (wet dispersion technology).

4. No Side Effects and Fire Retardant (Safety)
Teviron product has no side effects to health and is fire retardant. It can be used in fire hazards at the same time emits special odors that can act as fire alarm when burnt.


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