Scientifically Proven - Healing Power of Negative Ions

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This video clip is a part of the renowned TV documentary called "Secrets of Sang Lo Byung Sa" by KBS1, a major public TV channel in South Korea. The term "Sang Lo Byung Sa" in one word literally means "Born and live" (Sang), "get older" (Lo), "get sick" (Byung) and "die" (Sa), represents the 4 inevitable agonies or pains of every life. The TV documentary on negative ions as a trilogy was aired on 10/12/2012, 10/19/2004 and 10/26/2004.

What do negative ions do after all?

We, the documentary team and camera crew, visited Horiguchi hospital in Japan that studies and researches on negative ions.
Two months ago, Dr. Noburu Horiguchi planted cells of a colorectal cancer into 2 groups of rats and had only one group of rats exposed to negative ions for 15 minutes 4 times a day.
Now in 2 months, the health conditions of the two groups of rats are noticeably different. The cancer cells in the rats that have been constantly exposed to negative ions clearly appear to remain the same while those in the other rats that have not been exposed to negative ions have grown to more than 3 centimeters.

Dr. Horiguchi: "This rat that has been exposed regularly to negative ions will live longer. In general, rats would live healthy for about 10 months and then die. Normal rats with negative ions regularly exposed would live 2 months longer and die of old age. Unfortunately, this rat (without having exposed to negative ions) would die soon in about 2 months slowly but in horrible agonies. And, rats that die of cancer smell really bad. The smell of decomposition is extremely strong."

Negative ions are elements of minus electricity (i.e. negatively charged ions) floating around in the air and in a natural environment. They get created a lot more especially when it is windy or water drops fall. Dr. Horiguchi took us to an artificial waterfall in the garden and measured negative ions there.
The number of negative ions around the waterfall was measured to be over 7,000. The number of negative ions essentially needed for humans are around 700. While they are found to be only around 100 in the city but far over 1,000 in the forest and over 5,000 around waterfalls. Due to increase in air pollution, anions (or negative ions) decrease every year while cations harmful to human bodies increase.

Dr. Horiguchi: "Causes of illnesses are mostly due to the acidification, oxidation and oxygen free radicals occurring in the body. What cause and increase these are of course pollutions in the environment and in the air. With negative ions, bodies become from acid to alkalescent and through an oxidation reduction change to a state of anti-oxidation. By reducing or removing causes of illnesses and thus solidifying healthy elements, currently incurable cancers, cerebrovascular stokes or paraplegia can disappear."

Acidification of the human body has the same principle as rusting (or oxidation) of iron and metal. Dr. Horiguchi has been conducting an experiment with 2 metal bars for 4 years. While the metal bar that has been exposed to the air is rusty, the other one that has been isolated and constantly exposed to negative ions is clean without any rust on its surface. Negative ions have prevented the metal from oxidation (or rusting).

Dr. Horiguchi: "Oxidation makes iron and metal rust. Likewise, the human body gets sick when it gets oxidized. As iron and metal don't get rusty if they are constantly exposed to negative ions, the human body can also get healthy and live longer."

Then, what are the ways of having ourselves exposed to negative ions in our modern daily lives?
Dr. Horiguchi: "Expose yourself to fountains, waterfalls, or take a shower more often in your house. Or, if you attach a shower faucet to the faucet in the kitchen, more negative ions can be produced there by the so-called Lenard effect. These kinds of simple efforts in your daily life are not going to be simple after all."


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