Teviron Head Cover

Teviron Head Cover

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Teviron Head Cover

Teviron Head Cover (free size) is made of Nefful Blanket Material

Negative ion head cover rejuvenates your brain while you sleep! 

The most important organ in our body is our brain. Without the brain we wouldn't have touch, sight or smell. Hence, we must take good care of it, right? 
Try our amazing negative ion head cover today, to give you a healthy brain every day! Specially made with Teviron fiber, it gives you complete concentration and bombards it with thousands of negative ions while you enjoy your beauty sleep.

Benefits Of Teviron Head Cover 

Negative ions help to improve the blood circulation around the brain and stimulate the brain cells metabolism. With daily usage, you will notice that you have better quality sleep, good memory, good thinking and good hearing.


For just 9.50 cents a day, you get to have a brilliant brain and healthy sleep.

That is assuming the head cover only last for 5 years. In fact with proper care, the head cover can continue to give you the negative ions up to 10 years and beyond. Our Amazing Head Cover fits all sizes of heads. 

Hurry while stock last! It's 
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Teviron Head Cover
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