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DoesTeviron Products Contain NPE?

Teviron Products Does NOT Contain NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylates)!

Environmental group "Greenpeace" published a report investigating a total of 20 world leading fashion brands and found that these brands were all selling clothing with toxic chemical NPE! These are the well-known international brands that disappointed their consumers. So when consumers are purchasing clothes, what can they choose from?

Nefful has been in Japan for almost 40 years, and we value "honesty" with our partners. We try our best to build a safe, untoxic, environmental and healthy living, we can assure you:
Teviron clothing is 100% made in Japan, also NPE is a forbidden chemical in Japan, so Teviron clothing does not contain NPE! Please do not worry to continue your support!

What is Teviron fiber?

            Chloridated polyethylene is the raw material of Teviron fiber. Chloridated polyethylene is extracted from petroleum, using acetone and benzene as solvents to make it fibrous. The main manufacturing place for Teviron fiber is located in the Yamaguchi country of Japan.

            After a short time on the market in Japan, Teviron fiber has had the honor of receiving three prizes, including the OHKOUCHI Prize, (the topmost prize in the fiber realm of Japan), the Majestic Benefaction Invention Award (presented by Majesty Mikado Showa of Japan), and the High Molecule Institute prize (special honor in the chemistry industry). Teviron fiber has many useful properties such as the ability to stay moist, incubation, permeation, effect of negative ions, and its fire retardant quality. All of these properties of the Teviron fiber are very beneficial for human health.

What is a Negative Ion?

            When electrons collide with molecules in the air, scientists give the name “Ion” to the molecules carrying the electrons thus formed. Negatively charged molecules are called “negative ions.” If we liken this to the baseball, the pitcher is the positive ion, and the catcher is the negative ion. In our daily lives, air pollution has become so serious that the negative ions are disappearing gradually, thus generating too many positive ions at the same time which is causing the air quality to get increasingly worse. When there are too many positive ions people may often experience headache, insomnia, neurasthenia, hypersensitivity, fatigue, respiratory passage disease and a host of other symptoms.

            Negative ions serve to disinfect and clean the air after they combine together with bacteria, resulting in the death of bacteria which can no longer form other strains because of changes in structure and transfer of energy. This causes dead bacteria to settle on the ground, which is the main reason why bacteria decrease in number at the rate of 20% per minute in the air. Therefore, negative ion manufacturing technology aims at contributing to the elimination of particles in the air. When we generate precipitation by static electricity we can bring about a stable negative ion supply. By increasing the negative ion supply we may be able to increase both physical and mental comforts. The negative ion is a cleansing agent as well as a “vitamin of the air.”

What are the advantages of Negative Ions for the human body?

            The main advantages of negative ions for the human body include cleansing of the blood, activation of cells, enhancement of the immune system, and adjustment of the autonomous nervous system.

How does a Negative Ion clean the blood?

            A negative ion encourages blood circulation, supplies more nutrients and oxygen, cleanses the blood, and accelerates metabolism of wastes produced in the human body.

            Blood of healthy people is alkaline with a pH value of about 7.35 to 7.45. Modern people are changing to unhealthy habits of food and drink, with more meat and fewer vegetables, which all tend to acidify the blood and create excessive acid material. This acid material deposits on joints, which may lead to arthritis.

            The acidity or alkalinity of the blood is determined by the content of calcium (Ca2+) in the blood. Ca2+ plays an important role in the human body by controlling the heartbeat, nerve conduction, cerebrum thinking, skeleton growth, and circulation. The normal content of Ca2+ in blood serum is 4mg/100cc. When the content is 3mg/100cc, the body may feel exhausted; when the content is 2.5mg/100cc, the body may have chronic diseases; when the content is 1mg/100cc about, life may be at the edge of death.

            Besides paying attention to healthy food and drink habits, such as eating more vegetables and less meat, negative ions are also helpful in maintaining the Ca2+ content at a normal level. After the human body is exposed to negative ions over a period of time, the level of Ca2+ may slowly near the normal state, blood may become alkaline, and furthermore, the blood will be cleansed.

How do we reinforce the activation of cells?

            Every cell has a cellular membrane, a cell substance and nucleus. The Cellular membrane defends against foreign substances. There are many tiny gaps in the membrane to transport nutrition into cells and discharge metabolite out of cells. In addition, there are many microvilli on the surface which respond to surrounding changes. The cellular membrane is just like skin.

            The Cell substance produces cell nutrition. It contains mitochondria, ribosome, Golgi bodies, and lysosomes. Mitochondria is an electricity station for cells, supplying energy (ATP). Ribosomes manufacture protein synthesis. Golgi bodies are in charge of packing and transporting nutrient substance (ATP, protein). Lysosomes digest metabolic waste and excrete it.

            The Nucleus is in charge of replication, heredity, and regeneration. The nucleus is the core of the cell, much like a brain.

            When the living environment changes, the human body environment will also change; microvilli on the cellular membrane can respond to the change, transfer information to the nucleus, then give an order to manufacture energy, and cells will accommodate the environment by changing metabolism function and physical capacity.

            Such changes can induce cell atrophy and death, hyperplasic or transformation to another type of cell, and during the transition process may form tumor cells.

            When blood becomes acidified, cells become harder and thicker and cannot get enough nutrients, cell reactions will become weak, and metabolic wastes cannot be discharged out of cells, which leads to cellular necrosis. If blood is alkaline, it can supply enough nutrition for cells, cells need not change metabolic function, and thus an abnormal cell will not emerge.

            When negative ions touch cells, the passageway function of the cell membrane activates to transport essential moisture, nutrients, and oxygen into cells, break down cytotoxin, and effect cell activation. Regenerated cells will be healthier and possess much more vitality.

How can we enhance resistance to disease?

            Resistance is another term for immunity. The immune system contains the innate immunity system and acquired immunity system. The innate immunity system contains macrophage and natural killer cells. Macrophage can encircle a foreign body, and natural killer cells can clear away invading tumor cells. The acquired immunity system contains T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes. The main function of the T lymphocyte is to identify foreign bacteria and viruses, while the B lymphocyte’s function is to generate antibodies and remember. If the same bacteria and virus invade again, B lymphocytes will produce the same antibody; so this is the axiom to vaccination.

            Activation of cells will strengthen cellular immunity, make them more energetic, enhance the ability of leucocytes to phagocytize bacteria and viruses, speed up antibody production by lymphocytes, and increase antibody quantity. A strong immune system can kill bacteria and viruses, and cure illness.

How can we adjust the autonomous nervous system?

            The autonomous nervous system mainly controls functions of respiration, circulation, digestion, metabolism which cannot be controlled by self-consciousness.

            The autonomous nervous system includes adrenergic nerves and parasympathetic nerves. The adrenergic nerves effect muscle tension and nerves which activate in the daytime to consume energy. By contrast, the parasympathetic nerves slacken the body, and it is a nighttime nerve, which improves the functions of internal organs. Modern people eat acidic food and get insufficient exercise, which acidifies the blood, they become tired easily, have a constitution with acidic pH values, and have elevated blood pressure. As the blood pressure increases, blood tends to be more acidic, thus entering a vicious cycle and creating somatopsychic disturbance. Negative ions can improve ion permeability of cell membranes, and elevate membrane potential. The nerve cell is the most prominent in this, and it transforms outside stimulations into nerve pulsing and transmits to the neural system in the brain, which is most sensitive.

            Under the pressures of modern society, many factors assault the brain center directly causing autonomous nervous system disturbance, adrenergic nerve and parasympathetic nerve disturbances, as well as mental and physical disorders. Negative ions can reverse the unhealthy situation, bring nerve cell membrane potential to a normal level, cause blood to become more alkaline, normalize physical capacity, and end the vicious cycle as they restore perfection to both body and mind.

What effect does the Negative Ion have upon cells?

            Modern civilization and technology cause many problems for which there are no evident reasons, such as aches, high blood pressure, irritability, drumming sound in the ears, and so on, which may be termed “civilization sequelae”. The vast numbers of electrical equipment and cars, which we rely upon in our modern lifestyles, increase our exposure to positive ions. Too many positive ions in our environment can make us feel rage, irascible, muscle-bound, spikes in blood pressure, and difficulty breathing. In 1986, Dr. Kiueger conducted some tests in which positive ions and negative ions were introduced into the body through the skin and respiratory tract, and these tests proved that the negative ion has physiological functions as follows (the reverse results for positive ions):

            A) Increases lung capacity.

            B) Accelerates villus movement and decreases blood pressure and heartbeat rate.

            C) Releases neuropathic hormone Scrotnin and brings the metabolism rate over bx 50%.

            D) Releases Histamine in the body and elevates the metabolism rate over bx 50%.

            E) Promotes Central Nervous System health and cell membrane normalization.

            F) Promotes endocrine and metabolic normalization.

            Cells make up the human body, mitochondria are electric stations for cells, as they absorb nourishment for the cells, change it into energy for the body, and maintain physiologic function. Cells are charged by the mitochondria for maintenance of cell membrane potential and surface charge normalization, and for absorption of and discharge of foreign bodies.

            After negative ions enter cells, they will reinforce mitochondria to generate electric normalization; and the negative ions will assist cells to absorb or remove foreign bodies. When negative ions enter the body by way of the skin, it can alter the charge of the cell in the human body. Negative ion exposure can soften cell tissue for reinforcement, soften red blood cells and smooth blood circulation, causing the blood pressure to decrease and normalize naturally. Negative ion exposure can also help to decrease aching in the waist and the back, help the trachea villi to work normally, and help treat diseases of the respiratory passage, which can become normal without other treatment.

Why can Negative Ions improve the body’s constitution?

            Negative ions can affect ATPase activation inside the cell membrane, improve synthesis of ATP, activate membrane ion permselectivity, and will affect ion normalization on the inside and outside of the cells. At the same time, excess calcium ions and sodium ions will transmigrate to the blood, while stagnate calcium ions and magnesium ions (Mg2+) in the blood will transmigrate to the cell, adjust the exterior and interior balance of cells, and enhance membrane potential in the body. Negative ion permselectivity of migratory sodium ion and calcium ion (alkaline ion) can balance out acid toxin (lactic acid and ketone bodies), clean the blood and keep it alkaline. The result is acid-base equilibrium normalization. Even when the negative ion is broken off outside, it can still maintain ATP synthesis for a long time. Repeated negative ion exposure can improve the body’s constitution completely; as the stimulation of negative ions activate gamma globulin, which improves immunity in the body, enhances resistance against high blood pressure, and makes the body healthy.

Does the Negative ion improve arteriosclerosis?

            Once blood becomes acidic, cholesterol metabolizes abnormally; cholesterol sticks to the blood vessel wall and induces arteriosclerosis. Ingesting full strength vegetable oil (unsaturated fatty acid) can flush excess cholesterol. On the other hand, vegetable oil acidifies easily, and produces lipofuscin (peracid lipid), which is a cause of aging. To promote good health it is necessary to depress acidification in the human body. After negative ions exert their effects, the cell membrane becomes smooth with good permselectivity, and cell membrane metabolism normalizes, thus preventing membrane aging. When the cell membrane of the vessel wall changes, it induces arteriosclerosis; but negative ion exposure can effect its normalization.

How do Negative Ions help to fight infection?

            When negative ions have effects on the body, the potassium (K+) and magnesium (Mg2+) in the blood will transfer into cells. Potassium contains a substance that can alleviate pain in cells, help fight infection, and promote wound recovery.

How do Negative Ions promote the activation nature of fermentation?

            The efficacy of negative ions lies in aiming at regulating the acid base of blood, and acid normalization of cells. The result is to make the main part of the cell’s interior metabolism activate a fermentation process. Fermentation is very active; and without fermentation there is no life force. In order to activate fermentation, a suitable blood pH is absolutely necessary, as the pH of blood determines the proper acidity of cells. Cleansing the blood and maintaining blood alkalinity are very important for our health. The effect of the liver is just like fermentation; to make the blood more alkaline. Activating the blood through fermentation can improve the function of the liver.

            Another reason to increase the function of fermentation is the increase of urea in blood. Urea is a metabolic product of meat (protein), which is discharged from the kidney. Therefore, eating excessive meat will damage the function of the liver because of urea synthesis. Increase of urea in the blood will pollute the blood at the same time which will not only lower fermentation activity, but also aggravate the burden to the kidney. Negative ion exposure will cleanse the blood, activate fermentation, and lessen the burden on the liver and kidney.

How does the Negative Ion promote gastrointestinal motility?

            Meat causes abnormal bacterium and decomposes in the intestinal tract. The toxins (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, phenol) which are produced will be released into the body. In order to attenuate, the liver must work excessively as the toxins move into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. The toxins can cause arteriosclerosis, hypertension, aching in the waist and back, cancer, and so on. Because putrefaction has a pungent odor, feces and flatulence have a pungent odor. Once they decay in the intestines, they produce a great deal of ammonia, and induce alkali in the intestines. Due to stimulation by toxins, the intestines will strain, which induces constipation. If we apply negative ions treatment, it promotes peristalsis of intestines, recovers normal activity of fermentation, and prevents putrefaction even more. Negative ions create good health through eliminating toxins in the intestines with normal defecation of bodily waste.

Why did Negative Ion fiber technology develop?

            Now that we know that the negative ion has so many advantages, we may incorporate it into clothing through negative ion technology. When people wear clothing that contain negative ions, they are surrounding themselves with a “Negative Ion Shield”, thus limiting any problems that may arise from the positive ions in the air.

            How do we make negative ion clothing? Since 1938, Japan has conducted research on the feasibility of “negative ion fibers”. Through more than 20 years of research, high-tech procedures have successfully solved this problem. As long as people wear clothing made from negative fibers, they will have active cells, which will enhance their immune system resistance and lighten the discomfort of chronic diseases.

How many kinds of Negative Ion fibers exist?

            To date, we know that negative ion fibers contain: Teviron fiber, polypropylene fiber, ecological fiber, and super thin crude cotton fiber.

            Among the fibers listed above, the developmental history of Teviron fiber is the longest, its application is the broadest, and there is persistent research and improvement of this fiber. Teviron fiber has gathered many favorable opinions.

Does the content of Negative Ions in air affect health?

            There are many elderly people reaching the age of one hundred in a village on the Chinese mainland. According to investigations by relevant departments, the secret of this “longevity village” is due to the high content of negative ions in the local air (20 thousand per cc) as well as other contributing lifestyle factors of habits, diet, drink and so on. Therefore, the oldest person in the village is one hundred and forty.  By contrast, according to results from informal tests, the average household and office in the cities, has a content of negative ions of only one hundred and fifty per CC in the air! According to some reports in the Asia Medical Journal, when negative ions (commonly known as FenDuoJing) in the air reach one thousand to two thousand per CC, is beneficial for human health; when the content of negative ions reaches five thousand to fifty thousand per CC, they are able to reinforce resistance and immunity in the body. In addition, if the content of negative ions reaches one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand per CC, they may cure some diseases.

How about Teviron fiber’s ability to keep the body warm?

            The Industry of Public Health Academy of Japan compared five different materials by experimenting with cotton, wool, man-made silk, Acrylic, and Teviron. They manufactured five elbow protectors in the same manner out of each material; one arm wore the elbow protector, while the other did not. They observed the difference in the skin surface temperature of each of the two arms, at the same temperature. The result demonstrated no distinct differences between the arms at about 25 degrees Celsius; however, the temperature of the arm wearing Teviron was much high than the other, as the control temperature descended. The other materials did not differ significantly in temperature between each of the two arms. The results indicated the ability of keeping warm with Teviron is superior to the other materials. In other words, under general conditions, there is not a distinct temperature difference with any materials; however, once the temperature descends to a very low level; the warmth of Teviron material will be very noticeable.

           In light of all the results, Teviron was able to stay moist three times longer than cotton and two times longer than wool. In the past, wool was considered to be the best material to keep the body warm, but now Teviron changes this orthodox impression.

Why does Teviron have prominent water vapor permeability and water permeability?

            Researchers have tested the water vapor permeability and water permeability of clothing. In the tests, subjects wear clothing made of half Teviron and half cotton, then the subjects run until they sweat. When humidity reaches 80%, the subjects stop running, are time tested from sweat to dry, and the result is made into a humidity percentage curve diagram. We find that Teviron only needs about 10 minutes to dry; but cotton needs about 40 minutes.

            Cotton fiber was considered to have powerful absorption, with cotton clothing absorbing better than many other fabrics; so it is commonly thought that we should wear cotton clothing in summer. In fact, cotton clothing takes up water easily, but besides absorption by the cotton fiber, water will also fill up blank spaces between cotton fibers, and evaporation is difficult. Therefore, cotton clothing retains the sweat on the skin and may feel uncomfortable.

            Because the absorption rate of Teviron is zero, when perspiration occurs, sweat hides at the back of the fiber, and the water quickly evaporates. Therefore, Teviron clothing can make people feel comfortable and it is also beneficial for human health.

How does Teviron produce Negative Ions on a long-term basis?

We can use a simple flow chart to demonstrate the production process of Teviron.






Chloridated Polyethylene






            During this process of production, chlorine (Cl) plays an important role. In the periodic table, chlorine is seventeenth; in other words, Cl has seventeen protons (carries positive electricity) and seventeen electrons (carries negative electricity).

            According to calculated results by chemists, Cl must get one electron from the air to arrive at a stable state; so there will be more electrons than protons, which makes Teviron have negative electricity. If Teviron rubs against anything it will always produce negative ions.

            In order to understand information about every fiber which produces negative ions, the Fiber Industry Research Institute of Japan uses eight common fibers for experiments. These fibers are: Teviron, nylon, wool, cotton, silk, acrylic, tetoron, and man-made resin fiber. Researchers use two different fibers to rub against, and observe the state of charge.

            Among the eight tested fibers, only Teviron still has negative electricity, no matter which kind of fiber rubs against it.

Why is Teviron clothing safe?

            If the index of oxygen in the air is less than LOI 24-- (limit of oxygen index); many materials may be likely to burn. For example, if the LOI of cotton is at 19-21, it is combustible. The LOI of Teviron is between 35-37; therefore, it is not flammable. Once Teviron is exposed to fire, it will burn with a blackened color and give off an abnormal smell, and thus attracting our immediate attention. Teviron material will not burn for long or ignite other things. Teviron material has been determined to be fireproof in Japan. Therefore, Teviron is a safety fiber. Teviron fiber is considered to be healthy clothing and there are no side effects.

Why will health improve when people wear Negative Ion clothing?

            Cells make up the human body; and in order to sustain vital movement, all kinds of cells must move all the time. When the body feels sick and a person wears Teviron clothing, negative ions will help the cells to work normally. Cells not only have their own functions, but they also have the added burden of returning to their normal state. When they are not in the situation of overloading, cells, will improve naturally. However, improvement “symptoms” are different with every person, buy may include swelling, fever, itching, acne, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, bone and muscle pain. Except for improvement, we can classify them into four types: retardation, allergies, excretion, and convalescence.

What is retardation reaction?

            When a person is sick for a long time, the body gets used to an invaded state, and makes an effort to adapt, to coexist with diseases, thus forming an imbalance. Many nutrients and cells must work for cytothesis especially, and people may feel fatigue and lethargic.

            For example, if the liver becomes diseased or a person has a tendency to move slowly, the body will become accustomed to a slow rhythm, and once the balance is broken down, a retardation reaction will appear. After the liver function returns to normal, the improvement reaction will naturally appear.

What is anaphylaxis?

            People usually take medicine or have an injection when feeling ill, but the disease will still exist, as the effect of medicine is to suppress only the symptoms. After contact with negative ions, the human body’s metabolism will strengthen, circulation will increase, and people will experience various kinds of anaphylaxis: constipation, allocate, pain, swelling, or perspiration.

            Patients of rheumatism, gout, and neuralgia always get ill acutely, then fall into chronic diseases gradually, and after a long period these chronic diseases will settle down to stable state. These kinds of patients may return to an acute state, so after wearing Teviron, their pain may be severe at first, then return to normal slowly, just like a video tape rewinds, and the plots plays back.

            In addition, if the body has abnormal chronic disease, after contact with negative ions, the responses will happen at the worst stage and each stage will see more positive results. If this is the case, do not worry about it; instead, the person should feel happy that he is recovering.

What is excretion reaction?

            When people have problems with elimination such as constipation or diarrhea, this state usually happens at acid physical capacity and with patients who take medicine for long-term conditions. Modern people tend to overeat, abuse drugs, lack normal bowel movements, or have loose bowels which cause toxins to accumulate, they physical capacity changes into acidity and releases too much active oxygen into the body. This causes cancer, aging, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases. If a rash appears, skin changes, urine color changes, or flatulence increases after contact with negative ions, it means that the body is eliminating toxins and decomposing waste, so do not worry about it.

What is recovery reaction?

            A recovery reaction happens with patients who have blood circulation disturbance, congestion in the body, and turbid blood. The disease is a manifestation of a mass death of cells. After contact with negative ions, cells activate, acid toxins decompose gradually and are eliminated, blood will be cleansed, and physical capacity will improve. Cells regenerate considerably at this time, and patients may also experience itching, convulsions, and pain. These are all normal responses before health improves, especially for patients with fatal diseases, and severely ill persons. This is because they have had too many dead cells and their cells need to regenerate considerably; so their responses are very intense.

Are there any side effects during the improvement response?

            Japanese molecule rectification professor, Akaba Yoshio, said that not every person had improvement responses, as people whose health was good may not have a reaction, and those who did suffer were usually not well to begin with. Because it is the premonition of recovery, it is worth emphasizing that all of the above reactions are not improvement ones, and after improvement reactions disappear, people will feel an increase in their physical capacity, euphoria, every reserves, just like they felt perhaps when they were five or ten years younger. These responses can be explained from a medical point of view. However, improvement reactions are different with each person. If a person cannot tolerate the reaction, they may remove the negative ion clothing, then wear it again after their symptoms disappear. After several such alternations, improvement responses will disappear spontaneously. It may take continuous exposure to negative ion clothing to improve the reaction, so do not worry if you experience temporary symptoms.

            Symptoms may vary and involve different factors. Since blood circulates throughout the entire body, it is best to wear a set of negative ion clothing which covers the whole body, and also increase water intake by about 3000cc per day.

How many kinds of Negative Ion clothing are available?

            At presents products made by Teviron not only include basic clothing, but also gloves, stockings, scarves, accessories, bed sheets, and wool blankets among others. Teviron clothing is designed for children, teenagers, women, men, athletic clothing, for specific health problems and many other purposes.

Is Negative Ion clothing suitable for all ages?

            Teviron is a very good fiber which is suitable for every age group. Teviron clothing is safe and beneficial for women during pregnancy and will not harm the fetus and may also assist in proper fetus development. Teviron clothing is suitable for the elderly aged peoploe as it can improve on the aging symptoms. Teviron clothing can help all ages to attain good health.

Can healthy people use Teviron?

           Two thousand years ago, a traditional Chinese medicine book recorded the Emperor Huang Medicine Theory, “Prevention is more important than the cure;” which is also advocated by modern medicine. With traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine agreeing on this point, both healthy and sick persons are able to wear Teviron material for the purpose of prevention and maintaining their health.

Is Teviron material durable?

            Though nothing lasts forever, the durability of the Teviron material depends on proper care. Incorrect washing is the main cause of the Teviron material wearing out, and proper washing way can prolong its use. If you care properly for your Teviron material and keep it in good repair, its beneficial negative static electricity properties will not disappear.

Can Teviron clothing be washed in a washing machine?

            If you want to wash Teviron clothing in a washing machine, here are some suggestions for you to follow:

            A) Put the Teviron clothing in a net bag and then put it into a washing machine.

            B) Use the delicate setting on your washing machine.

            C) Use a delicate rinse cycle, limit the time to 1-2min.

What are the precautions when cleaning Negative Ion fiber?

            Due to the manufacturing process of Teviron products, in order to maintain their function for a long time, please pay careful attention to cleaning and conservation:

            A)        Temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees Celsius.

                        Water temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees Celsius. You may put it in the sun, but do not put it on a heat conductor, such as steel or iron. Avoid contact with extreme heat, which should shrink the fabric and affect the soft feel of the fabric by making it stiffer.

            B)        Avoid using ablution products to prevent static electricity.

                        Because ablution products for preventing static electricity (softeners, anti-static electricity agents) will form a film on the fibers, these products will interfere with the effect of negative ions. Bleach should also be avoided and if it is used by accident, it should be rinsed thoroughly with water, or rewashed with special detergent.

How can it be proven that Teviron can produce static electricity?

            We can use a static electricity tester to test it, or by rubbing clean and dry Teviron in a dark room with low humidity it will produce a shade of green light, indicating negative static electricity.

My friend uses Teviron, but there are no “improvement reactions;” why is that?

            There are two cases for no improvement reactions; firstly, if there is no illness or abnormality, and the other is that there are negative improvement reactions.

            Everybody has a different physical condition, lifestyle habits, eating habits, and adaptive capacity, so Teviron has different effects for each individual. In addition, improvement reactions also have positive and negative improvement reactions. Positive reactions are experienced in the body, but negative reactions may be so subtle as to hardly be noticed.

There are many abnormal phenomena in my body, such as problems in the intestine, stomach, and live, when I use Teviron, which part will react first?

            The worst part will react first. Suppose the problem is with the stomach, then the reaction will happen with the stomach first, and after the stomach improves, then improvement will occur in other parts of the body. In order to bring into full play the mysterious effect of Teviron, chronic disease patients need to be patient and allow some time for the negative ion treatment to work.

Do obese people have a slimming and body shaping effect with use of Teviron?

            Teviron does not create bodybuilding effects by itself, but Teviron produces negative ions which can activate cells, encourage blood circulation, and encourage metabolism so not only will waste not accumulate, but obesity will decrease.

            Teviron is used in both athletic clothing and women’s garments, such as underwear. Close contact with negative ions may help you to maintain your figure.

I have foot sprain and joint swelling; can Teviron cure them?

            Teviron can reduce or alleviate swelling and pain, and improve recovery time; but if the sprain involves injury to the ligaments or bone, it may be necessary to seek medical treatment.

Can Teviron products improve sleep quality?

            Our sleep is controlled by parasympathetic nerves of the autonomic nervous system. When the parasympathetic nerve works normally, it can make the body rest, so that sleep quality will improve naturally. Negative ions produced by Teviron fiber can make the parasympathetic nerve work normally, therefore using Teviron clothing and pajamas may improve your sleep quality.

Can Teviron lessen symptoms of gout?

            Gout is usually caused by blood acidification, when acid substances deposit in joints in a crystal state, which result in joint swelling and pain. After the body is in contact with negative ions for some time, the content of calcium ions in the blood will tend to normalize gradually. Blood will gradually become more alkaline, thus cleansing the blood and lessening symptoms of gout.