QF11 Body Shaping Bra

QF11 Body Shaping Bra

Brand: Nefful
Product Code: QF11
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QF11 Body Shaping Bra


Story: Beauty Story

Series: New Aesthetic

Material: Polyester 65%, Teviron 21%, Polyurethane 14%



  1. Bra designed with U-shaped soft metal underwire to create a firm appearance, pushing body fat around underarms and back to front.
  2. Extra high side panel that extends to the back for a firmer shaper and smooth contour.
  3. Inside cup section made of 100% Teviron, allowing your breast to have an intimate touch with Teviron.
  4. Straps made of Teviron and Polyurethane blend which provide a comfortable yet supportive protection.

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QF11 Body Shaping Bra
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